Sunday, August 12, 2012

Virtual Eyes virtual organs and virtual voices

i got to say why not make vibration eyes ? (C) RS

that cause feelings and or sound that can be learned to be read like eyes can by the blind and dame for the def
these things would be given to young disabled people for constant use and would be learned like normal organs are

the being is a learner and you can litraly learn off anything... the first beings literaly had to learn off white noise..

sound , sensation , electro stimulation ,

or in the case of blind people a hearing text reader

the def can feel or read it as proven

the blind can feel or hear it

the mute can mime or write or think it.

such devices can be learned to be used and do not require a powerfull processor but could work wonderfully on something 4 times more powerful than a TX80 with 1 mb of ram

considering mobile phones blue tooth devices can be made that can interact with a phone and soon be helping the disabled to use life as well as the device thy have to comunicate...

text to speech and bell sounds and pops and code to represent images for blind people ; it can be complex and beautiful... so a mountain really is beautiful and tranquil in sound or vibration.

virtual organs can be as complex as text and as beautiful as a massage or a bird song...

just like that it can be both fundamentally soul making and life enhancing.

love RS (C)

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